drug induced philosophy

met an artist

at a bar

cocky bastard. goatee.

spouting his own drug-induced visions as philosophy – as if i haven’t gotten enough of that from high school

yes, humanity, and life itself, is a cancer. yes, an infection in the organism of the universe. stars and galaxies, the cells in the body of God. bla bla woof woof. you think that’s an original one? you think the great minds of history, let alone one of my hash-crazed comrades sophomore year, haven’t bothered to come up with that one before?

so me, devil’s advocate (in case you haven’t been reading, hi.) i tell him that the real evil in the universe is perspective.

if you ever were to try and imagine infinity (go ahead. really try it. it’ll make your brain hurt) or think on more than three dimensions (four isn’t hard, if you take the easy way out and imagine time as number 4. try 5 some time) then you’ll see what i’m getting at.

realize once and for all just how tiny and insignificant you are in the grand scope of the universe, or, to take a religious slant on things, in all of God’s Creation – it’s a truly world-shaking experience. in some small way, similar to surviving a plane crash, it makes you think.

like the bouncing goatee attached to the artist’s face was saying, you are like a muscle cell, one of millions upon millions, wiling away your life in your own seemingly important pursuits, but really just a tiny, insignificant cell in a tremendous organism that wouldn’t even notice the difference if you had never existed.

perspective. get some.

so, devil’s advocate (hi) i tell him my personal slant. can’t help it.

the universe is only the things i experience. my own senses tell me what is. all else simply.. isn’t.

and thus, i solve the problem of perspective. here i am, the center of my universe. whatever i decide to believe in, it’s up to me.

big or small, i am at the center of my universe.

then i go to the bathroom, and when i come back, he suddenly throws this thing at me about my being insecure.

next time i see him, i’ll tell him reality is truly zero-dimensional. and prove it.

silly artist

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