misc bits

for those of you that have requested the pattern for the ipod cozy – i’m working on writing it up. i’ve never written a pattern before, at least not one for other people to try and follow, so i’m enlisting the help of my knitting sensei and the craftiest woman i know, ebeth. i’ll have something posted, and maybe a PDF to download in the next week or so.

and, probably some time after the server stops smoking and is cool to the touch again, i’ll have to write up something about how the post-it elvis mosaic has turned into a little meme, and just how much traffic this site is now getting as a result.

a sample: the average day in may, i had 64 visitors. two days ago, i had 107,201.


  1. And the lunch blog got hate mail. It was great! Are you gonna add pictures to the Capstrat article? Because your pictures really help one get the gist.

  2. I would also love the pattern to the iPod sweater…and I can help you write it as a pattern, if you need. :)

    Great site!!