new york state of mind

we (myself and two other people i work with) have been invited to new york by worldwide pants, david letterman’s production company, to perform a live install of a post-it mosaic on the Late Show.

it should air either monday night or wednesday night, depending on how scheduling goes.

watch this space. i’ll be documenting the experience :)


  1. Hi there, I watch you guys on Letterman, and was truly amazed… What a great art form!
    Any chance you would be willing to share some tips and trixs, so I can start making my own!?
    Kim Lange, Denmark

  2. Hey guys!!
    I caught the re-run of the show last night and I am truly amazed at your uncommon talent. If you have not yet done so you should make a template ,or to some extent, a “how-to” so that I may be able to put a post-it-note Elvis or Bob Marley on my living room wall. Think about it and let me know.