buon giorno

hello from Rome.

we made it safely here, with no delays, cancellations, flight changes or other airport difficulties. based on my personal history with such things, it can only mean that we will face some major hurdles getting back to the US. no worries. an extra day or two in Italy wouldn’t be a hardship.

anyhoo, yesterday was a long day, due to the time change, and we crashed hard at the end of it. we managed to see a good bit of the ancient city, fueled by adrenaline and caffiene. today, the plan is to see the Vatican (hey Pope!)

more updates as time and access permit. if you don’t hear from us in a few days, wait a few more *_-

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  1. Where in Rome did you stay? Did you take the tour of the fountains? It kind of goes like this: Fountain of the Four Rivers @ the Piazza Navona, the obelisk fountain at Piazza della Rontonda in front of the Pantheon, Fontana della Barcaccia @ the Piazza di Spagna, and Fontana di Trevi. These are best viewed at night–especially the Trevi Fountain.

    Of course, there are tons of cool fountains all around Rome. There’s the very charming Turtle fountain at the Piazza Mattei, the Triton fountain at the lower end of the Piazza Barberini, and the Bathtub fountains at the Campo Dei Fiori and Piazza Farnese–and many more.

    Still, if you are interested in seeing Roman fountains, you have to, at the minimum, check out Piazza Navona, the Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish Steps.


    P.S. I love the name of your blog. It’s one of my favorite catch-phrases–long before I heard of your site. Glad you’re doing something good with it!