Castle Day

today was castle day. i walked around conwy’s medieval town walls in the morning, after a “full” breakfast, so-called because you can’t eat all of it and not be full. then, to the castle, built in four years with the walls by king edward and a bunch of imported english labor, just to piss off the welsh.

then a bus to caernarfon, which is another castle with a town around it (or a town with a castle around it, i can’t decide). again, up the towers for sweeping landscape shots and sore calf muscles.

in all, i must have climbed 10 castle towers, walked about 10 miles of ancient walls, and seen about a dozen cheesy AV presentations about king edward and the welsh.

yeah, i dig wales.

so, off to the bus station for the late bus back to conwy and my b&b, then some dinner, then off to the pub for quiz night. tomorrow, i make up my mind whether to go on to keswick or take a jaunt over to manchester to meet up with the british soap star i had pints with last night in conwy.

all is well, a little bit of a headcold – comes with the travel and the weather – but otherwise fine. taking lots of pictures to bore you with when i get back :)

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