about option8 multimedia

so, what is this whole option8 multimedia thing?

if you’re a mac user, hold down option, and hit the number 8. you’ll get some idea.

for pc users, you’ll have to imagine that you’re sitting at a computer that’s easy to use, and hit the alt key, then type 0149

and for those of you blessed enough to be using linux or some other non-consumer operating system, you can ignore the whole option8 thing, and get down to business. since you’re probably looking at this with the option to load images turned off, or else using lynx, or some other streamlined browser. you haven’t the time for such folly as graphics or silly names.

in any event, option8 is a bullet. a dot. a filled circle. a floating point

option8 is really just an obscure reference to a character used to set off list items.

but option8 multimedia is even more obscure, seeing as i am but one person in an endless flood of billions. and of those billions, it seems like most of them have their own websites, complete with sappy photos of themselves and their families, sonograms of their children, and insipid dancing icons screaming to send them email. most of them also have way too much personal information about the authors.

speaking of which..

option8 currently consists of me, my computers, and my cat. i am charles mangin, male, caucasian, heterosexual. the computers are mostly macs, ranging from a 512k to a g3/400 , also, a good bit of work gets done on a 486/50 running linux. the cat, kudzu, only cares that i feed her.

option8 is not a company so much as an entity.

the first arm of option8 is mental hygiene. the mental hygieneists, myself included, are a random group of friends and acquaintances with varying philosophies, ideas, morals, and attitudes. the only thing that binds us is a shared affinity for the internet and an ability to write at length.

and that’s all it takes to be an internet celebrity. not that any of us are.

mental hygiene is about sharing ideas, creating conflicts, resolving differences of beliefs, and generally spouting off to anyone who will listen.

the other half of option8 is niftee-tron enterprises. that’s where all the creative energy left at the end of the day goes. there will be no philosophy lessons at niftee-tron, but you may find something there to interrupt the mindless tedium of everyday life.

this is all, of course, still just a beginning. things are half finished, under construction, broken, or may never have worked in the first place. be patient. we all have day jobs to keep.

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