back in the saddle

outages are fun, aren’t they? well, this one was expected, however, it was not expected to last 2 months. server shuffling was expected to only take a few weeks, max.. bygones. anyhow, the server’s up, running, serving, doing, and being. better than i could say last month, when i didn’t know whether it would even be in town for me to plug it in.

and, so, finally, after much wrangling with internic and my isp, and some late-night dns troubles, mentalhygiene is back on the air, so to speak. all the option8 sites are up and running, just in time for the latest macaddict cdrom to come out – with the entire niftee-tron collection on it.

while i’m still working out some glitches and working up a site redesign, i also have a number of rants in the wings for those precious few people who ever actually read them. and, hell, if they’re for my enjoyment only, then fine. i’ve also got some additional guest ranters coming in – joy of joys.

there may be a change of format coming up soon, with the addition of ad banners

much to do, and as bokonon would say, busy busy busy.

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