and here it is.. your moment of zen

sometimes i am lucky enough to stumble into pure happiness, moments that seem to last forever, that are, for lack of a better word, perfect.

alcoholics call them moments of clarity. i’d like to call them moments of zen, if comedy central hadn’t appropriated the term for the daily show. the buddhist in me might see these as glimpses of nirvana – the reward for pure living and meditation.

whatever term i decide upon, it seems that sometimes i find myself in a world exactly like the one i see when i close my eyes and imagine the world being a better place. there’s nothing i need to do, nowhere i need to go to. i’m not hungry or thirsty, and nothing is urgent.

the proper state of mind is essential. without realizing it, i have slipped into a place where i can look at the world around me and say “well, that’s alright then.” these are the moments when people decide to sell all their belongings, move to the nearest coast, and enjoy the slower pace of life along the boundary

the temperature is just right, that perfect amount of warmth without being too hot, maybe there’s a breeze. maybe the sun is shining, but not so brightly that it hurts my eyes.

the sounds of the rest of humanity have faded away, and the constant hum of traffic or people only occasionally drifts by in a haze of white noise.

very often these moments involve being outdoors, moreso in the spring.

most importantly, i’m wearing comfortable shoes.

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