PowerBook graphics

since i brought home my shiny new (20-inch 2.4 ghz core duo shiny shiny shiny) iMac, my PowerBook has been a little sad. i still use it on an almost daily basis – it’s my on-the-road machine, and the one i bring to customer locations to do troubleshooting and other work – but its had that middle-child attitude ever since its younger sibling came home with me.

so, in an act of angst-filled rebellion, it went and got a tattoo.

the newly inked powerbook
the newly inked powerbook, hanging out with its distant ancestor.

my powerbook, with its new graphics
who says you can’t update the graphics on a G4 PowerBook?

all kidding aside, the new graphic is hand-cut from adhesive-backed vinyl, which can be ordered in a miltitude of colors and in large or small quantity from eDecals.com.

yes, i cut out the hole for the apple logo to shine through, which was the toughest part. it took a steady hand and a sharp x-acto to trace around the translucent logo.

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  1. Good to know all that exacto practice comes in handy! Nice job!