creationists are freaks, too

creationists have some silly ideas, but i never thought i’d see them all in one fucked up museum.

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  1. That website is absurd! Throughout their discussions, the authors continually use citations that do not support anything they’re talking about! For example, in the section labelled “Educate”;

    She worked on this research for nearly seven years, and reported in Earth Magazine (June 1997, Vol. 6, No. 3, pp 54-58) that “so far, we haven’t been able to.”

    The only thing that has actually been quoted is a sentence fragment that could very well relate to anything in Earth Magazine. Not to mention the fact that, if we are to accept it as a relevent source, it sure isn’t conclusive by any means.

    The theories of creationism used to be the means by which people understood their world. However, now that scientific discovery has become the driving force in our search for answers, creationists are merely left clammering for an audience. The website certainly proves that much, at least!