giving thanks

what am i celebrating this thanksgiving? let me see…

i am thankful for:

sweet potatoes and stuffing that comes from the gutted remains of a bird
70 mile per hour speed limits
comfortable shoes
the music of jethro tull and emerson, lake, and palmer
the paintings of norman rockwell and roy lichtenstein
apple computer
the intoxicating effect of fermented sugars on humans
the amount of fermentable sugars available in varieties of red grapes
indoor plumbing and the electric light bulb
the anonymous early humans that invented the plow and oral sex
wool socks and static electricity
elastic wastebands in men’s pants
private women’s colleges
the sun
tabasco sauce
public transportation
japanese animation and saturday morning cartoons
open source and free software
the strength of the american dollar
krispy kreme doughnuts

and many more.

what are you thankful for this year? please respond to this rant and let me know.

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