imitation == flattery

longhorn in post-its

What is it they say about imitation and flattery?

The hits keep on rolling in. The above Longhorn was done by some Texas boys, led by Alan Marek. Well done guys.

Alfred E. Neuman in post-its

Joe Liebman at ad agency Wieden and Kennedy put together this Alfred E. Neuman. Sweet.

Any others out there? Send me links and/or photos.


  1. I like yours the best. Good work!

    How much to come decorate my hovel? I was thinking maybe some tommy lee on my ceiling. ;)

  2. revi –

    pay for my travel expenses, put me up for the night, and i’ll be glad to :)

  3. I was wondering if I could use this mosaic idea in my art classroom. It is just wonderful.


  4. krista –

    of course you can! do whatever you like, and please send me pictures of the result.