Linux posters for sale

after moving the poster tube containing them four times, i think i’m ready to let my Red Hat posters go (to the highest bidder).

here’s the eBay listing [new listing, with “buy it now” option].

it’s all there in the auction description, but i thought i’d share a little:

Linus’ comments in the code are intact. the Red Hat legal team had some misgivings about printing some of the specific comments and wanted them removed. the coders among the team objected, saying that the comments are at least half the historical value of the code.

printing the kernel on the back of the poster was actually my idea. as a “different” kind of company (the question they were always getting in investor briefings was “how do you make money selling free software?”) they wanted a different kind of annual report. they even included Linux contributors and coders in the IPO, which made a lot of people a lot of money. anyhoo, we were all standing around talking about making the AR a poster people could hang in their cubicles and offices, and the question was asked: what do we put on the back? it seemed an obvious choice to me, since so much of the Red Hat business model was based on the Linux kernel that it should be included.


  1. Hey, very nice work. What was on the other side of the kernel 0.01 poster? Anyway, do you have any idea on where to get these posters today?

  2. the other side of the poster (the front of the poster, actually) is the Red Hat annual report.

    i have a few that i think about selling from time to time, and some of the other folks that worked on the project have some as well. i missed my opportunity to capitalize on the linux kernel 20th anniversary this year. maybe the next time my wife asks me to make room in the attic…

  3. Very nice. Please contact me the next time you have a poster for sale.

  4. I’d love to buy one of these. Where can I find one?

  5. I’m looking as well.
    Any hints?