reality? on TV? part 2

where was i? oh yeah.. reality shows on tv.

yeah, i’d kick ass on survivor. i was a boy scout. i know how to cook over a fire, eat barely dead animals and fish for my dinner. i know how to tie a knot and swim against the riptide. i know that the trick to camping with a group is to set up a hammock 100 yards from every one else, 15 feet up a tree, and tell them all that you snore like a freight train

i’d probably get along with survivor cast like rudy, not because i can get along with people like him (i probably wouldn’t stand him if i knew him socially) but because he pissed off everybody else, and i can appreciate that.

as for big brother, brittany can get locked in my house any time :)

and what of the new fox show american high? (if you’re like me and enjoy using ‘alternate’ browsers like icab and lynx to do your surfing, you’ll have to go without seeing

i’ll admit, i flipped back and forth when it premiered the other day, not because it wasn’t compelling and new – an actual ‘reality’ show with actual real people – and not that it wasn’t entertaining. i couldn’t stand to watch because it reminded me too much that high school really sucked. it’s like on happy days when i know that richie’s going to awkwardly ask out the busty blonde stereotype, and get shot down brutally, or when i see a repeat of one of those ‘worlds worst…’ shows and i know that the end of the clip that’s on is coming up, and that guy on the left doesn’t survive.

and for the high school-aged audience, it must have been a breath of fresh air. for all the trauma and tragedy that aaron spelling likes to push on teenagers, the lives of the people in tv high schools are bland, uninteresting, and depressing, but in a way that makes lots of money and makes the people that lived through a real-life freaks and geeks for four years (thank you fox family channel) feel really stupid for having wasted the half hour watching.

your life, no matter how entertaining to you, will never get a 1 share on network tv, because you’re not 25 playing 17.

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