Steve Jobs looks unhealthy

Steve Jobs in January 2006
Steve Jobs in August 2006

Note the before and after shots above.

Steve Jobs isn’t looking so hot these days, even compared to just seven months ago, at MacWorld San Francisco, 2006. The above “after” shot is a screen capture from the WWDC 2006 keynote stream. See it for yourself.

His appearance, as well as the fact that he left the majority of the keynote presentation up to several other presenters, leads me to believe that his Steveness isn’t in the best of health. And I’m not the only one. Considering that he underwent surgery two years ago for pancreatic cancer, and has been healthy since his recovery, it’s odd to me that his appearance has gotten so much worse so quickly.

Steve, I know you’re a vegan and have probably never weighed more than 180 in your life, but man, you look thin. Have a sandwich. Or a ribeye. We’re worried about you.


  1. then has been riding around in the back of my head for awhile, and i’ve been trying to avoid the actual thought. you killed my denial. yo.

    this is the great fear.

    the great fear.


  2. he look likes a person dealing with a deadly cancer that’s for sure. and what’s up with apple selling the 3G iPhones half the price of the old iPhone?

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  3. don’t forget, he has been traveling his ass off this past year (literally). I think he’s just plain ole run down from the hecktick schedule – adding 64 countries to the iPhone list in the past year, most in the past 3 months! I’d look like poop too.

  4. IMO, he’s very ill. Not *that* large a difference from these two pictures, but compare to THIS:

    and the difference is shocking. Looks like a different person.

  5. That article from Wired is from 2 years ago. Got anything on 9-11 while you’re at it?

  6. @mgabrys:

    uhm… the date on this *post* is almost 2 years ago. note the references to “MacWorld San Francisco, 2006”

    and yes, if you like you can look back at the archives and see what i said on 9/11:


  7. IMHO, he looks a heck of a lot healthier in the SECOND picture. The first picture depicts someone high on testosterone replacement while the second picture shows better complexion, focus, etc.