the evil genius strikes again

my latest creation is online now:

after some extensive research on google and wikipedia, i managed to find a number of connections between Elvis and Einstein. the flash doohicky linked above documents this social network of sorts, and links to the video we made when dismantling the Elvis post-it mosaic, and put up a new one of Einstein.

that video is here:


  1. Weird! Looks like we both took down our Post-its murals only a week or two apart (See?). I enjoyed the editing and music in yours… Nice job!

  2. once again, arlo, you have outdone me.

    my original plan to take down Elvis was to take a leafblower to it one weekend, and let everyone discover the fallout on monday. oh well. maybe next time.

  3. But dude! You’re going to be on Letterman? How sweet is that? Congrats!

  4. Wow, not only are you talented, but you have cute friends! ;p
    Now you are also You Tube famous. Love it.