Jan 01


does the server seem faster to you? it should. i’ve upgraded the processor to a G3/400 and added another 128 megs of ram to the bastard.

hopefully this means more hits come from cache (RAM) and database lookups are a lot faster (G3 vs. 604).

and the whole operation only took about 5 minutes start to finish. yay.

Jan 01


network solutions sucks eggs.

i tried to update a domain i’m trying to transfer from one server to another, and their site told me the domain wasn’t in their database. oops!

so i called. and stayed on hold for half an hour. then, when i asked the tech support representative if she could help me, she blandly said “no”

when pressed, she told me that, in order for her to make changes to my domain, she would have to use the website, which she said, by the way, was having technical difficulties. why there was no note on the site to this effect was a question she was unable to answer. there was also no one, it seems, authorized to make the changes manually, though she said, “i can make the changes right here.” not authorized, though. bummer.

it looks like i’m going to have to recommend a different registrar to my clients, then. up to this point, i have continued to use netsol with a sense of nostalgia for the good old days when they were the only horse in the race, and because they seemed to still have their act together somewhat. oh well. time to go shopping..