Oct 06

remember VH1’s PopUp Video?

with my newfound freedom, the result of working for myself, i’ve found i have a good deal more creative energy than i have paying clients. as a result, i’ve started working more on my own pet projects, like the sudoku solver. i’m working on a new project these days, another one of those ideas that came to me in the shower.

for some reason, i was thinking about music videos, probably along the lines of “video killed the radio star, but then MTV killed the video, so all we’re left with is crap”

anyhoo, it got me thinking of VH1’s PopUp Video. somehow, that led me to the idea of a PopUp-Video-like overlay for YouTube.

so, that’s what i’m working on. a means of annotating any video on YouTube, Google Video, or other similar services. the interface and implementation are fairly clunky at this point, but when it’s a little more polished, i’ll post it either here or on ClickHereDammit.com.