Sep 05

this thing just won’t die

i went looking again today to see what people have been commenting on the flickr set of the post-it Elvis and found even more great post-it art on flickr:

some kind of “monkey mural” in asheville – i don’t see it, but it’s interesting in its own way. a different approach to the pixels.

the ever-appropriate Mario.

keeping with the theme: Pac Man takes on modern office decor.

Bergdorf Goodman in New York. clowns, high fashion, and post-its. three great tastes that taste great together? it works, i suppose, according to the three second rule.

and finally, the slightly mysterious scouting photos for a future post-it portrait?

i’ll have to keep an eye on that last one…

Sep 05

imitation == flattery

longhorn in post-its

What is it they say about imitation and flattery?

The hits keep on rolling in. The above Longhorn was done by some Texas boys, led by Alan Marek. Well done guys.

Alfred E. Neuman in post-its

Joe Liebman at ad agency Wieden and Kennedy put together this Alfred E. Neuman. Sweet.

Any others out there? Send me links and/or photos.