Jan 03


okay. if you’ve watched TV on pretty much any channel in the last few months, you’ve seen this thing advertised.

it’s a pasta pot. with holes in the lid.

the commercials would lead us to believe this is a miraculous “invention,” but i’m skeptical. exactly how much manual dexterity is necessary, anyway, to operate a simple collander?

the way i see it, you can spend the $20 on the pot with holes in the top, or you can spend 4 bucks on a top of the line collander and still keep your self respect. sounds like a bargain to me….

Jan 03


I had a thought the other day. Why are there no double-sided CDs?

I’ve wondered for a while if it were possible, considering the number of CDs in my collection that are part of multiple-disc sets. I even have a couple of DVDs that are double-sided – with the full-screen version of the movie on one side and the wide-screen version on the other – so I expect that it’s not much of a technical hurdle to put data on both sides of the disc.

It would solve the ever-present problem of how to stuff multple CDs into a jewel case that can still fit in the standard CD racks. The sketchy solutions that are out there now are fragile at best, and it seems no two are made the same.

Sure, there’d be the potential for scratches on both surfaces, and the plastic protective layer would be thinner, but if DVDs can do it and survive…

Anyhoo, just another idea. Share and enjoy.