Sep 09

hm. my blog-to-twitter plugin …

hm. my blog-to-twitter plugin keeps neglecting the URL…

Sep 09

– Mental Hygiene: : why my bir…

– Mental Hygiene: : why my birdseed bill is so high

Sep 09

why my birdseed bill is so high


captured with my new motion-detecting “critter cam”

Sep 09

i wonder if our grandparents w…

i wonder if our grandparents walk into our houses, thinking to themselves, “damn, it smells like young people in here.”

Sep 09

i’m a spammer?

apparently i’m being accused of “backscatter”, or at least my mail server is. the complaint comes from the practice of testing incoming mail to see if its sender is a real address. my server sends a callout to the apparent sending server of an incoming message to see if joeSpammer@domain.spoofed is a real sender, and if not, rejects the message.

my bad. it’s abuseable and causes undue traffic on a domain that’s been spoofed.

oh well – it was working as a pretty good spam blocking resource for me. blocked a metric shitload of spam every day with that one method.

so, now i have to wait to get delisted by backscatterer.org, or else pay 50 euro to get it “expedited”

now, who’s making money off spam?

Sep 09

apparently the trick is to was…

apparently the trick is to wash down the Sudafed with Nyquil.

Sep 09

Neti Pot versus Deviated Septu…

Neti Pot versus Deviated Septum… FIGHT!

Sep 09

according to my informal poll,…

according to my informal poll, most 911 operators are no longer amused when someone calls to report a shorty fire burning on the dance floor

Sep 09

apparently “getting outside on…

apparently “getting outside one’s comfort zone” is this year’s “taking it to the next level”

Sep 09

regressing to 1997’s state of …

regressing to 1997’s state of the art in web design to get a crummy HTML email to work. ooh! tables *inside* tables! http://fixoutlook.org/