Jun 02


a little site note:

in case you are a regular reader (sic) and you haven’t noticed yet, i’ve added some new sections to the site. the menubar at the top of the page has some new links in it.

i’m still working on the content, but the general gist is: links has links (duh) to sites of people i know or stuff i dig, comics is a gallery of the Mental Hygiene comics, and obsessions is a page about stuff that occupies my mind or my time (or both)

dailies is this page (ideally updated daily), and rants is the current rant and archives of previous rants.

Jun 02


it seems i can’t go to a movie these days without someone or something ruining it for me.

last time i had the unfortunate luck to be in the theater directly behind the bathrooms, or the plumbing system for the building. every few minutes, the sounds of rushing water and clanging pipes interrupted the admittedly milquetoast “attack of the clones.”

this time, just as the previews were starting, someone came in and sat down a few rows in front of me, reeking of backwoods B.O.

it was so distracting that i couldn’t enjoy my popcorn.

then the two catty bitches in the row behind me, apparently too late to get into “ya-ya sisterhood” decided to start up their conversation at full volume. after three stern and increasingly nasty looks, i finally told them to shut the everloving fuck up.

i actually said something to the effect of “excuse me, but i’m trying to watch a movie”

they shut up, but only after saying something i didn’t quite catch. it very certainly wasn’t “sorry, sir, we’ll be quiet.”

it sounded to me that they thought I was the jerk. sigh.

Jun 02


well, i have gotten the house completely wired for ethernet. something that’s probably completely pointless, since i already have 802.11 (airport) for the important bits, and it does little if anything for the actual resale value of the house.

regardless, i trudged through it and was able to add 2 ports apiece in 5 rooms without using up a whole spool of cat5 (1000 feet goes pretty far inside a small house). all that, and ports to spare on the 16 port 10/100 switch.

now, other than getting the display piece Color Classic sitting in the living room onto the network as a show of my g33k ski11z, what to do with all this new network capacity?

why LAN parties, of course!

Jun 02


george, dubya.. read my lips:

NU-CLE-AR. Nuclear.

not nucular. there is no such word as nucular.

say it with me again.


that’s all.