Aug 05

ding dong! the neighbors are gone!

as i arrived home this evening, my neighbors that live across the street – the ones, i’m sure i’ve written about this, that are always sitting on their front porch regardless of the time of day or night – informed me that my vietnamese neighbors have moved out.

gone. poof. yesterday, apparently.

i’ve written about the neighbors in question before. they’re the ones with the small herd of beastly children that wake me up at the crack of dawn many days with the sound of their screaming, gunplaying, arguing, and other noisy shenanigans. the ones that don’t speak a lick of english. the ones that would play all afternoon by climbing on anything that didn’t move, and some things that did – the house, their car, the trees in my yard. the kids were part monkey, i swear.

and now all that’s left of them is a giant pile of discarded furniture on the curb.


now, i’ll be getting a new set of neighbors for the fourth time in five years. will they have kids? will they keep sane hours? will they be harley-riding, gunfighting, hard drinking skynyrd fans with poor personal hygiene? maybe. this is north carolina, after all. there’s no telling what i’ll get.

as long as they speak english and don’t drive through my yard, i’ll at least make the effort to make friends with them.