Mar 07

jiggety jig

sigh… back home again, safe and sound.

no major delays in Rome, requiring us to extend our stay indefinitely. no international incidents, resulting in our claiming asylum in Italy.

back to the grind, such as it is.

Mar 07

we’re not coming back

so, we made it to the Cinque Terre a couple of days ago, and have been enjoying ourselves so much in this place that i haven’t found a moment to get online until now. i would encourage everyone to spend some time here – but be sure to come during the high season: leave the place nice and quiet during the winter for folks like me and Alli.

 anyhoo, we’re already contemplating shipping the animals here, selling off the house and all our stuff, and starting a little cafè with a computer repair shop in the back.

if you ever want to see us again, you’ll have to take a flight, a train, another train, a whole bunch of steps, and be sure to get here when we’re not on siesta.

sigh – back to reality, and back home in a few days.



Mar 07


yep. we escaped Rome, and we’re in Florence now.

Duomo, gelatto, Uffizi, David – and finally a place for dinner that was so non-tourist, nobody spoke English.