Apr 09

idea for Amazon

here’s an idea for Amazon. i know, they’ve got enough money, what with being the central repository for all the world’s media…

anyhoo. i’m an avid audiobook consumer. i really do prefer the Audible version of many books to the dead tree version. one thing making me lean in the direction of getting a Kindle is that it can store and play audiobooks as well as e-books. Amazon is now the owner of Audible, which is what triggered the following thought.

one problem with a lot of audiobooks (for instance, one of my favorites The Areas of My Expertise by John Hodgman) is that there is no way to handle illustrations, charts and graphs in the audio-only format.

i’m sure you already see where i’m going with this: embedded with the Kindle version of the Audible download, there should be a bundle of the images, illustrations and other visual material that would normally be lost in the translation to audio-only.

and, if Amazon/Audible is smart about it, they make it an open enough format that other audio players that have high enough resolution screens (iPod, iPhone, internet tablets, etc) can support the mixed format, too.

Apr 09

how do you tell a client you a…

how do you tell a client you are morally opposed to the lens flare in his design?

Apr 09

my other tee-shirt is ironic, …

my other tee-shirt is ironic, too.

Apr 09

just because you have a blog d…

just because you have a blog doesn’t mean you can put “web development” on your resume. i may be well groomed, but i’ll never own a salon.

Apr 09

Conficker probably not a threat to Apple II users

from A2Central.com:

Conficker probably not a threat to Apple II users. this from their call to Symantec:

“you are probably safe though I really don’t know what an Apple II is.”