Feb 09

your kid sucks at piano.

Feb 09

my latest hardware project

Disk II Mac

in the same vein as the G4 Mac Plus, i recently finished up a quick little hack that combines a Mac Mini and a Disk II floppy drive, ca. 1978.

view the Flickr set here.

Feb 09

looks like Linus still has the same sense of humor

according to Red Hat’s bugzilla reports for Fedora 9, Linus Torvalds still has the same sense of humor he had when writing Linux kernel 0.1

youtube no workee – fedora 9 not usable for wife

you can see more of the wit and wisdom of the (much younger) Linus here:
Comments from Linux Kernel v0.1

Jan 09

my 3:37 of fame

That’s me on Letterman in March of 2006, performing a post-it portrait of Biff Henderson.

This, of course, the ultimate result of the Elvis mosaic.

Dec 08

new artwork for my office

Hello - by Robert Mars

Hello - by Robert Mars

new, Mac-inspired artwork by my friend Robert Mars.

i’m already clearing off a wall in my office, anticipating its arrival.

Sep 08

How the iPhone can do Copy&Paste

May 08

Mac Plus G4 completed.

Mac Plus G4

see the details, and more info about construction here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/15994009@N06/sets/72157605213095006/detail/

May 08

twittering sudoku for solving

following up on my newly reinvigorated sudoku interest, i’ve started a twitter feed of puzzles that i’ve found online from various sources, of varying difficulty.

you can read and follow here: http://twitter.com/sudokutosolve

all these puzzles will be in a format suitable for your favorite sudoku app or online solver, like the one at http://www.clickheredammit.com/sudokusolver.html

share and enjoy.

May 08

sudoku solver updated

i’ve finally managed to put together an update to my sudoku solver. it’s now working in ActionScript v3, with some other small modifications under the hood to speed it up somewhat.

there are a few new bugs to work out, of course, but otherwise it’s working as well or better than before at solving tough puzzles by logic and, barring that, blind guessing.

i’ve also turned it into an Adobe AIR app, for the adventurous.

check it out here: clickheredammit.com

share and enjoy.

Nov 07

Girl With Pearl Earbuds

Girl with Pearl Earbuds (with apologies to Vermeer)

Girl with Pearl Earbuds (with apologies to Vermeer) by Option8.

originally posted April, 2004

Creative Commons License
Girl With Pearl Earbuds by Charles Mangin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.